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Soft Organizer 5.03

Soft Organizer

Unnecessary Programs Removal Tool

A utility to completely remove programs from the system that works much faster than many similar solutions. The application tracks all changes made to the system while you install a program and allows you to uninstall that program later in full, leaving no traces in the system. Uniquely, the tool automatically detects the beginning of a setup process and smoothly logs all changes it made in the system.

Soft Organizer will inform about new versions of installed programs.

A utility to uninstall programs from the system for any user. Tracks all changes made to the system during the installation process and thus allows uninstalling the program completely with no trace left. Works faster than many similar products.

It works faster than many others, because silently monitors all changes on your disks in real time instead of saving changes before and after the installation which can take significant time. It also features quick access to all applications installed in the system. You don't have to look for the standard Programs and Features tool or for the uninstaller supplied with a program. With a single click you can display all applications installed in your system and immediately remove unnecessary ones.

Soft Organizer


Soft Organizer 5.03

User reviews about Soft Organizer

  • gladgirl

    by gladgirl

    "It trully works! I finally was able to uninstall Skype after many attempts"

    It worked very well. Finally! I was able to uninstall Skype completetely. I had received a fatal error 1063 when trying ... More.

    reviewed on August 28, 2015